Simen Ådnøy Ellingsen (M.Sc., Ph.D., Ph.D.)
Associate Professor (Fluid Mechanics)
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h-index: 16 (Web of Science)  
Research Interests:
Fluid Mechanics:
  • Surface waves; wave-current interactions
  • Turbulence statistics
  • Micro-, electro- and optofluidics
Classical and quantum electrodynamics:
  • Casimir Effect
  • Casimir-Polder and Van der Waals forces
  • Electrodynamics in media.
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Other: - Receiver of “Young Research Talents” grant (NRC), 2016-2019, NOK 7M.
- Awardee of The Royal Norwegian Society of Sciences and Letters' annual prize to young scientists 2011. Award description.
- Awardee of the ExxonMobil prize for best PhD thesis at NTNU 2011, category "basic research".
Adress: Department of Energy and Process Engineering
Kolbjørn Hejes vei 2, N-7491 Trondheim, Norway
Office: Room 213, Fluid Mechanics building
+47 73 59 35 54
+47 73 59 34 91
E-mail: simen.a.ellingsen[at]