Short Description

The project SIGNIFY focuses on the verification and validation of data collected from sensors. Digital twins are a revolutionary product from the current digital transformation with a broad range of applications, including safety-critical areas. Digital twins enable effective strategies for monitoring and planning of various activities and they rely on real-time real-world sensor measurements. Unfortunately, data from sensors may be corrupted and their injection into the digital twin might lead into erroneous action planning.

The main objective of SIGNIFY is to develop methodologies (and assess their performance) for preventing corrupted data to be processed by the digital twin (with focus on safety-critical applications) and avoid erroneous action planning whose consequences range from performance degradation to lack of security and risk of danger.


Project Manager

  • Pierluigi SALVO ROSSI

    Professor, Deputy Director
    Dept. Electronic Systems, NTNU

Latest News

  • 28.09.2021 - Paper Accepted

    IEEE ICNSC 2021

  • 23.10.2020 - Kick-Off Meeting

    Hosted by DIGS Trondheim

  • 03.10.2020 - Paper Accepted

    IEEE Sensor Journal

  • 25.08.2020 - Paper Accepted