Homotopy Theory in Trondheim

26-30 June 2023

The conference is supported by a grant from the Trond Mohn foundation.


Contributed talks


For further details including abstracts, see the conference programme.

10:00-11:00Shachar Carmeli, On maps between spherical group algebras
11:15-12:15Gabriel Angelini-Knoll, Syntomic cohomology of Morava K-theory
14:00-14:30Tobias Lenz, The universal property of global spectra
15:00-16:00Mikala Ørsnes Jansen, Compactifications of moduli spaces and stratified homotopy theory
09:30-10:30Constanze Roitzheim, How algebraic is a stable model category?
10:45-11:15Julie Rasmusen, THR of Poincaré ∞-categories
11:30-12:30Gijs Heuts, Periodic unstable homotopy theory and Hopf algebras
14:00-15:00Elizabeth Tatum, BP⟨2⟩-cooperations and Brown-Gitler spectra
15:30-16:00Josefien Kuijper, The K-theory spectrum of varieties and compactly supported cohomology theories
09:30-10:30Jonas McCandless, Equivariant homotopy theory for infinite discrete groups and TR
10:45-11:15Alexis Aumonier, Moduli of smooth embedded hypersurfaces
11:30-12:30Lukas Brantner, Canonical lifts of ordinary Calabi-Yau varieties
09:30-10:30Geoffroy Horel, Binomial rings and homotopy theory
10:45-11:15Adrian Clough, A convenient category for classical homotopy theory
11:30-12:30Lyne Moser, Straightening-unstraightening for (∞, n)-categories
14:00-15:00Jan Steinebrunner, Modular ∞-operads and their algebras
15:30-16:30Jack Davies, Homotopical uniqueness for morphisms between elliptic cohomology theories
09:30-10:30Joana Cirici, Hypercommutative algebra structures on Kähler and Calabi-Yau manifolds
10:45-11:15Kurt Stoeckl, Homotopy wheeled PROPs
11:30-12:30Irakli Patchkoria, Morava K-theory of infinite groups and Euler characteristic


All talks will be held in room KJL2 (map) in the Kjelhuset building on NTNUs Gløshaugen campus in Trondheim.

It takes about 20-30 minutes to walk between downtown and Gløshaugen campus. The most convenient bus routes are 3, 22 and 25 which stop at Høgskoleringen next to the campus (3 and 22 also continue on to the Gløshaugen stop, which is very slightly closer to the conference). A number of other buses stop at Samfundet, which is about a 10 minute walk from campus; see atb.no for details. The easiest way to purchase a ticket (and check the schedule) is to download the AtB app. Note that unfortunately the buses are running on a very reduced summer schedule from 26 June.

There are also city bikes with stations all over Trondheim; you can get a daily pass for these, but you need an app for unlocking them.


To get to Trondheim, the best option is to fly to Trondheim Værnes airport (TRD). There are direct international connections from Amsterdam and Copenhagen and a few other places, as well as many flights to Oslo. It is also possible to take the train from Oslo, but this is a long (albeit scenic) trip.

From the airport you can take the airport bus to the city (40 minutes) with Værnesekspressen; the bus stops near all major hotels in Trondheim. (There are also trains, which are significantly cheaper, but they only run once every 1-2 hours.)

Registration and funding

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If you are offered funding for accommodation (or are a speaker), we will book a hotel for you. Otherwise, you must arrange your own accommodation.


Rune Haugseng and Drew Heard