Research areas of interest

  • Dynamic Positioning (DP) and Position Mooring (PM) control systems.
  • Ice Management and ice surveillance.
  • Control of shipboard power production, energy storage, electric distribution, and electric propulsion.
  • Autonomous motion control of manned and unmanned marine vessels.
  • Formation and coordinated control of manned and unmanned marine vessels.
  • Hybrid experimental- and simulation-based model testing.
  • Image processing for Arctic sea-ice detection.


What is cybernetics?

"Cybernetics is to manipulate dynamic systems to make them behave as you want them to."

Marine cybernetics, or marine control engineering, is the engineering discipline to design control systems to manipulate marine or maritime dynamic processes in order to make them behave according to a specified control objective.

Marine control engineering is a multi-disciplinary area spanning physical modeling and simulation of marine physical processes, mathematical skills within differential equations and generic linear and nonlinear control theory, and information technology, instrumentation, and real-time computing for marine applications.

The Maritime Knowledge Hub

Roger Skjetne holds the chair in marine cybernetics, sponsored by Kongsberg Maritime AS, in the Norwegian Maritime Knowledge Hub.

"The Maritime Knowledge Hub is a consortium which links together all segments of the maritime industry, and places education and research at the centre as drivers in the future development of the maritime industry." [ref.]