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Social Media

My social media acounts can be found at:


I program both for fun and for scientific purposes, which is as fun as for fun. I made my own teleprompter that support simple formulas and mathematics. SciPrompter is free for downloading from the App Store. It is also available as a web application for Android on teleprompter. I wrote an APP for exploring the Mandelbrot set. FraxPlorer.


Aperiodic tilings

Please enjoy several of the tilings from my research in the gallery. On the fun side, I have designed an Escher like Penrose pattern.

The following video shows a tesselation of the space

Color science

I am doing research on metamers and color spaces.

Differential geometry

I am working on a project in Japan on Isometric imersions.

The three body problem has a geometric representation described by Wu-Yi Hsiang, Eldar Straume and Lars Sydnes. I am following their framework in a search of solutions of the Three Body problem. A gallery of several periodic solutions can be found at the following link.

Image processing

I am working on anisotropic smothing of images and 3D data.


I am working with a new algorithm for multiset permutations. Colored Gray codes and circular graycodes are a part of this.


The Dzhanibekov Effect or Tennis Racket effect

Some years ago, I gave a new project to third year students in computer science. The issue was to model a roational body, by using the Runge Kutta Fehlberg method.

The project description (written in Norwegian) is available from this link. I have posted my implementation of the problem in the following link. This youtube video explains the physics behind the phenomenen.

I strongly recomend this youtube video too.


Institution: Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

Department: Department of Computer Science.

Contact: H a n s . J . R  i v e r t z @ n t n u . n o