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om climres internet verktøy

This web-based visualization tool has been primarily designed in order to disseminate the information on the geography of historical economic damage due to natural hazards. It is intended to help identify places which have been exposed to one of the following hazards: riverine floods, landslides, storms, storm surges and urban flooding. The climres tool is also a basis for stakeholder meetings. It is used to trigger discussions and thus - via participatory functionality it offers - to gather people's opinions on the factors influencing places' resilience to natural perils.

The tool is targeted at a broad range of specialists from emergency planners up to academics, who need to now the geography of historical losses due to natural perils.

The tool has been developed as part of the ClimRes project conducted at the Department of Geography NTNU. For more details please contact Jan Ketil Rød (project, insurance compensation data) or Tomasz Opach (application design and implementation).

Skjemaet vil spørre i hvilken grad du mener at din kommune er i stand til å respondere på endringer som følge av klimaendringer og til å gjøre de nødvendige klimatilpasningstiltak.

I hvilken grad tror du følgende forhold er viktig:

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data display
see instructional video (in Norwegian)
run an interactive chart and investigate insurance compensation payments along with their changes over time during the period 1980-2018
map display
see instructional video (in Norwegian)
run a straightforward interactive map and investigate the geography of insurance compensation payments and its changes over the period 1980-2018
see instructional video (in Norwegian)
run a map display with an accompanying interactive barchart and a datagrid and get a comprehensive insight into insurance compensation payments and their changes through space and time
participatory tool
see instructional video (in Norwegian)
use our interactive participatory tool to let us know about your opinion on the factors that make either your place or the whole country resilient to natural hazards
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