Modelling the spillway system at the Sysen Dam

A physical model study of the spillway of the Sysen Dam was carried out at our university in 2008 in cooperation with Statkraft A/S. The picture below is from the laboratory. The water is flowing from the reservoir at the top left of the picture, over the spillway and into four collection tunnels. These join before the spillway shaft, and t he water is then transported throuh a tunnel to the river. The plexiglass tunnel is seen in the middle of the picture. Water is flowing from left to right.

The flow through the system was modelled with the FLOW-3D program. One of the pictures of the spillway crest with water is given below. The colours show the computed pressure. This is an instentaneous picture of the solution before convergence and a steady state is achieved.

The resulting rating curve is given below.


We want to thank Statkraft AS for funding the physical model study and for allowing us to publish the results.


Jacobsen, J. and Olsen, N. R. B. (2010) "3D numerical modelling of the capacity for a complex spillway", Water Management, Vol. 163, Issue WM6, pp. 283-288.

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