Sediment flow in the delta of Lake Řyern

The delta of Lake Řyern is the largest natural freshwater delta in Northern Europe. The delta is allowed to develop naturally, including lateral movements of its branches. Since the reservoir is regulated for hydropower purposes and the delta is sensitive with repsect to habitat for plants, birds, fish etc., a number of studies of the delta have been carried out over the years. Collection of geometry and sediment data has been done, providing possibilities to test numerical models of geomorphological changes in the delta.

Photo and image from side-scan sonar (figure: Raymond Eilertsen)

Area of bank erosion. (photo: Peggy Zinke)

Sediments have deposited on the overbank, increasing natural levees. (photo: Peggy Zinke)

Three-dimensional view of a detail of the grid. The colours show the magnitude of the water velocity. (figure: Peggy Zinke)

Plan view of computed velocities in the delta of Lake Řyern in October 1996. (figure: Peggy Zinke)

Plan view of computed velocities in the delta of Lake Řyern in July 1997. (figure: Peggy Zinke)


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This project was carried out in cooperation with Raymond Eilertsen at The Geological Survey of Norway and Jim Bogen at The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate.

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