Self-forming meandering channel

CFD modelling of a self-forming meandering channel

The formation of a meandering channel from a straigh planform is modelled. It replicates a physical model study of Zimpfer, who did his PhD on this topic at Colorado State University. A time step of 5 seconds is used, with a total of 60 000 seconds for the longest run. Zimpfer stopped the tests when the channel reached the side of the flume, but the animation showing the longest computation contiunes for some time afterwards.

The computational time on a laptop PC for this case is a few hours, using OpenMP for parallelization on two processors.

Animation video, overview, 3.4 MB
Animation video, detail, 5.8 MB
Animation video, longer, 48 MB

Link to Zimpfer case web page made by Nils Rüther
Link to Friedkin case web page made by Nils Rüther

SSIIM 2 input files for a meander case, 2.2 MB

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