Flow over dunes

This case is a simulation of water flow over a dune. Two geometries were used: One from the University of Iowa, USA, and the other from the University of Auckland, New Zealand. The figures below shows the results from a run with the k-epsilon model on the dunes from Auckland. Data from the case was given by Coleman (2006).

Horizontal water velocity.

Vertical water velocity.


Turbulent eddy-viscosity.

Turbulent kinetic energy.

The research is being carried out in cooparation with Dr. Thorsten Stösser at Georgia Institute of Technology and Prof. Wolfgang Rodi at the University of Karlsruhe.


Coleman, S. E., Nikora, V. I., McLean, S. R., Clunie, T. M., Svhlicke, T. and Melville, B. W. (2006) “Equilibrium hydrodynamics concept for developing dunes”, Physics of Fluids, Vol. 18. 105104.

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