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Our group provides advice to funding agencies, scientific journals, the general public, inventors and start-up companies, and many others. We do our best to help everybody interested in our areas of expertise, but we are in fact asked for help in many more cases than we can handle.


We offer professional advice in wind energy science and applied mathematics, in particular with regard to wind turbine design and dynamics, statistics, and advanced data analysis.

Please contact us for more information.

Study-group Mathematics with Industry

I have been active participant in the Dutch Study Groups Mathematics with Industry (SWI) since 2008. Some of the projects I have been working on:

  • Quiescent periods for helicopter landing on ships (SWI 2017).
  • Energy consumption of trains (SWI 2016).
  • Dynamical models of extreme rolling of vessels in head waves (SWI 2009).
  • Modelling and simulation of phase transitions in multicomponent aluminum alloy casting (SWI 2008).
  • Three approaches to extend the Heston model (SWI 2007).

PhD review committees

I have been external reviewer for the following PhD defenses:

  • Wojciech Popko (2021): Impact of sea ice loads on global dynamics of offshore wind turbines. Fraunhofer IWES / Leibniz University Hanover
  • Joey Velarde (2020): Probabilistic design of offshore wind turbine support structures. Aalborg University
  • Laurentius Martinus Maria van den Bos (2020): Quadrature methods for wind turbine load calculations. Delft University of Technology
  • Shaofeng Wang (2019): Assessment of offshore wind turbines in extreme weather conditions. DTU Wind Energy
  • Jan Häfele (2019): A numerically efficient andd holistic approach to design optimization of offshore wind turbine jacket substructures. Leibniz University Hanover
  • Maik D Reder (2018): Reliability modelling and failure detection algorithms for wind turbines. University of Zaragoza
  • Wilfried Njome Wandji (2018): Probabilistic design of wind turbine structures. DTU Wind Energy.
  • Joseph Donald Walsh III (2017): The boundary method and General Auction for optimal mass transportation and Wasserstein distance computation Georgia Institute of Technology
  • René Bos (2017): Extreme gusts and their role in wind turbine design. TU Delft.
  • Daniel Kaufer (2017): Validation and applicability of an integrated load simulation method for offshore wind turbines with jacket structures. University Stuttgart.
  • Alexandros Iliopoulos (2017): Virtual sensing techniques for response estimation and fatigue assessment of offshore wind turbines. VUB
  • Prasad Vijaymala Devendra Chougule (2016): Innovative design of a Darrieus straight bladed vertical axis wind turbine by using multi element airfoil. Aalborg University.
  • Estivaliz Lozano Minguez (2015): Fatigue & fracture mechanics of offshore wind turbine support structures. Cranfield University
  • Fabian Vorpahl (2015): Modeling and loads for offshore wind turbines with braced support structures. Leibniz University Hannover
  • Patrik Passon (2015): Offshore wind turbine foundation design. DTU Wind Energy

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