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Holmen Fjordhotell, Asker/Oslo

May 28-30










Dinner at the hotel





Keynote presentation

Chair: Bjarne Strøm


Guido Schwerdt: Education Systems and Adult Outcomes: Insights from International Surveys of Adult Skills



Session 1A

Chair: Lars-Erik Borge


Rocco d’Este: Dragon’s Peers: (High-Achieving) Asian Schoolmates and Student Performance in NYC Primary Schools

Discussant: Hessel Oosterbeek


Adam Booij: Can gifted and talented education raise the academic achievement of all high-achieving students?

Discussant: Lars Kirkebøen


Session 1B

Chair: Chris Van Klaveren


Sabrina Hahm: Better with Bologna? Tertiary education reform and student outcomes

Discussant: Johanna Sophie Quis


Stephan Sievert: Teachers’ Intentions to Engage Their Students and Achievement – a Within-Student Between-Subject Approach Using TIMSS and PIRLS Data

Discussant: Bjarne Strøm



Session 2A

Chair: Simon Bensnes


Lars Kirkebøen: Value-added and students’ long-term outcomes

Discussant: Torberg Falch


Hedvig Horváth: Teacher Peers at School: How Do Colleagues Affect Value-Added and Student Assignments?

Discussant: Michael Gilraine

Session 2B

Chair: Sturla A. Løkken


Henning Mueller: Working Memory Training Improves Performance of Primary School Children – Evidence from a Large-Scale Randomized Field Experiment

Discussant: Ole Henning Nyhus


Georg Camehl: The Effects of Early Childhood Education and Care Quality on Children’s Non-cognitive Skills

Discussant: Henning Mueller





Session 3A

Chair: Jon Marius Vaag Iversen


Karsten Albæk: Skill-persistence and the impact of post-compulsory education on skills – evidence from a linked PISA-PIAAC data set

Discussant: Guido Schwerdt


Michael Gilraine: School Accountability and the Dynamics of Human Capital Formation

Discussant: Trude Gunnes


Session 3B

Chair: Ole Henning Nyhus


Marie H. Sæther: Sibling spacing effects across the birth order

Discussant: Anne Ardila Brenøe


Anne Ardila Brenøe: Does Sibling Gender Composition Affect Gender-Stereotypic Choice of Education?

Discussant: Jennifer Graves







Session 4

Chair: Marianne Haraldsvik


Valentin Wagner: Do Timing and Reference Frame of Relative Feedback Matter?: Experimental Evidence from High-Stakes Exams in Secondary Schools

Discussant: Simon Bensnes


Chris Van Klaveren: Teacher Discretion in Grading Standardized Exams: the Dutch Secondary Education

Discussant: Hedvig Horváth



Dinner: Boat trip with a barbeque buffet





Keynote presentation

Chair: Torberg Falch


Hessel Oosterbeek: Advising about school assignment mechanisms



Session 5A

Chair: Trude Gunnes


Manon Garrouste: Gegraphical constraints in track choices: a French study using high school openings

Discussant: Rocco d’Este


Luca Flóra Drucker: The Long-term Effects of Increased General Education: evidence from the comprehensive Polish educational reform of 1999

Discussant:  Adam Booij


Session 5B

Chair: Karsten Albæk


Jennifer Graves: Performance Under Pressure: How Compensation Schemes Interact with Task Type in Incentivizing Performance

Discussant: Chris Van Klaveren


Johanna Sophie Quis: Health Effects of Instruction Intensity. Evidence from a Natural Experiment in German High-Schools

Discussant: Jon Marius Vaag Iversen






Session 6

Chair: Lars Kirkebøen


Stan Vermeulen:  Teacher professional development as a signal. Inefficient sorting and its implications for optimal training provision

Discussant: Attila Lindner


Sturla A. Løkken:  The effects of school spending on long-term earnings: Evidence from a regression discontinuity in local elections

Discussant: Lars-Erik Borge


Bjarne Strøm: The effects of voting franchise extension on education policy

Discussant: Karsten Albæk



Coffee and goodbye