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Model-based Evaluation of Scalability and Security Tradeoffs: a Case Study on a Multi-Service Platform

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Authors Leonardo Montecchi Nicola Nostro Andrea Ceccarelli Giuseppe Vella Antonio Caruso Andrea Bondavalli
Current ICT infrastructures are characterized by increasing requirements of reliability, security, performance, availability, adaptability. A relevant issue is represented by the scalability of the system with respect to the increasing number of users and applications, thus requiring a careful dimensioning of resources. Furthermore, new security issues to be faced arise from exposing applications and data to the Internet, thus requiring an attentive analysis of potential threats and the identification of stronger security mechanisms to be implemented, which may produce a negative impact on system performance and scalability properties. The paper presents a model-based evaluation of scalability and security tradeoffs of a multi-service web-based platform, by evaluating how the introduction of security mechanisms may lead to a degradation of performance properties. The evaluation focuses on the OPENNESS platform, a web-based platform providing different kind of services, to different categories of users. The evaluation aims at identifying the bottlenecks of the system, under different configurations, and assess the impact of security countermeasures which were identified by a thorough threat analysis activity previously carried out on the target system. The modeling activity has been carried out using the Stochastic Activity Networks (SANs) formalism, making full use of its characteristics of modularity and reusability. The analysis model is realized through the composition of a set of predefined template models, which facilitates the construction of the overall system model, and the evaluation of different configuration by composing them in different ways.
DOI 10.1016/j.entcs.2014.12.015
Journal Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science
Volume 310
Month January
Year 2015
Pages 113-133
Publisher Elsevier
ISSN 1571-0661
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L. Montecchi, N. Nostro, A. Ceccarelli, G. Vella, A. Caruso, A. Bondavalli. Model-based Evaluation of Scalability and Security Tradeoffs: a Case Study on a Multi-Service Platform. In: Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science, Vol. 310, pp. 113-133 (January 2015).

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