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Online videos of previous talks, by geology professor Allan Krill:

Jan. 8, 2021: (Lecture to the Geological Society of Norway)

The earliest human footprints (Laetoli) occur in lake sediments that have been misinterpreted as datable volcanic ash

Nov. 2, 2023.  (First 40 seconds in Norwegian, then 35 minutes in English):

Stickman (the first) and Outliner (the last) of the great Scandinavian petroglyph artists

Upcoming talks. The first talks of this series will be by Allan Krill (krill@ntnu.no / allankrill@gmail.com)  Wednesdays kl. 19:15 in the 'Geologi'' building, Høgskoleringen 6, Trondheim.  Bus stop 'Gløshaugen' (AtB metrobuss 3). Free car parking.

1. Wed. Aug. 21, 2024 kl.19:15. 

There are actually better numbers than the orthodox 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0. 

(For more information, see itinum.com.) My ‘audionumerals' T,N,M,R,L,J,K,F,P,S are just as good as Arabic numerals, and much better. Learn how you can use "itinumerology" to have fun remembering phone numbers and other ID-numbers.

2. Wed. Aug. 28, kl.19:15. 

Why the 1912 'Continental Drift theory' (Plate Tectonics) was shunned for 50 years. 

(For more information, see Krilldrift.com.) I can show that Yale University professors deviously manipulated drift-evidence when updating the leading geology textbooks in 1915, 1924, 1929, 1932, 1933, 1934, 1939, 1941, 1949, 1955, 1960, and 1962.

3. Wed. Sept. 4, kl.19:15. 

How isolated chimpanzees probably evolved into humans. 

(For more information, see Paleohuman.com.) I suggest that humans evolved in a Galapagos-type scenario on Bioko island, where there was easy marine food (sea turtle eggs and meat) and no predators. This is the 'Aquatic Ape theory', which is still being shunned after 63 years.

4. Wed. Sept. 11, kl.19:15. 

Helleristninger were made in the Iron Age (not the Stone Age and Bronze Age). 

(For more information, see VikingRockArt.com.) I contend that helleristninger were made with hammers and iron boat nails, not stone tools. I think I can recognize the work of seven traveling artists, whom I name Stickman, Sydvester, Texter, Hjortmann, Whaler, Inliner, and Outliner. The artwork often shows Viking-style longships with animal figureheads, but no sails.

5. Wed. Sept. 18, kl.19:15. 

The belief in Norwegian Stone Age people is based on misinterpretations. 

(For more information, see Hoaxyz.com.) I contend that there is actually no valid evidence that people lived in northern Norway during the Stone Age. That theory was founded between 1909 and 1936 by geologist Anders Nummedal, but I am certain that he falsified all of his discoveries. Since then, newer evidence has been misinterpreted, keeping this false belief alive.

6. Wed. Sept. 25, kl.19:15.

'Piltdown Man' 1912 and 'Lucy' 1974: two hoaxes that should have been obvious.

(For more information, see researchgate.net/publication/344220554) I contend that bones were planted by underlings, helping eager scientists succeed in becoming world famous.  

7. Wed. Oct. 2, kl.19:15.

Misinterpreting Stone Age dates: 'shoreline dating' and radiocarbon dates of marine shells and charcoal.

(For more information, see groups.io/g/VikingRockArt/message/53 and groups.io/g/DubiousDigs/message/59) Stone-Age dates published in Finnmark give the geological ages of ancient shorelines, but have nothing to do with archaeology or human activity.

8. Wed. Oct. 9, kl.19:15. 

Kamoya Kimeu (1938-2022). How the world's greatest hominid fossil finder found 'Turkana Boy' skeleton and more. 

(For more information, see researchgate.net/publication/344220554) I contend that Kimeu imported bones, broke them, and scattered them in Kenya, to be found by himself and others many years later.

9. Wed. Oct. 16, kl.19:15. 

Little Foot: a false 'hominid skeleton' made of bones from four different places. 

(For more information, see researchgate.net/publication/344220554) A cave in southern Africa contains many monkey bones, some of which were selected to produce this famous 'skeleton'. Human foot bones from a museum storage room were added.

10. Wed. Oct. 23, kl.19:15. 

Challenging false beliefs: geology’s 'Finnmarkian' in 1987 and archaeology’s 'Finnmarkian' in 2022. 

(For more information see njg.geologi.no/images/NJG_articles/NGT_67_1_015-024.pdf and groups.io/g/VikingRockArt/message/25) In remote Finnmark, geologists thought that the mountain-building event was remarkably old (Cambrian) and archaeologists have thought that human occupation was remarkably old (Stone Age). My unexpected challenge in 1987 ended the belief in a geological 'Finnmarkian', and I expect my challenge in 2022 will end any remaining archaeologic 'Finnmarkian' within a few years. 

11. Wed. Oct. 30, kl.19:15. 

In Plate Tectonic theory there were just 6 major plates. But in 1974 a seventh was invented — a perk for North American geology. 

(For more information, see https://folk.ntnu.no/krill/northamericanplate.png) Orthodox geology lists 7 major plates: African, Eurasian, Pacific, Antarctic, Indo-Australian, North and South American. I think the division of the American Plate should be challenged.

12. Wed. Nov. 6, kl.19:15. 

Chronograms: Latin phrases in which Roman Numeral letters (MDCLXVI) commemorate important dates. 

(For more information, see https://folk.ntnu.no/krill/forskningsdagene_2004.pdf) Chronograms are now passé, but they can still be made for special dates. For example: here is my English-language chronogram for 1910, the founding date of the Norwegian Institute of Technology (NTH): "MoDern teCh-eXCeLLenCe" (=1000+500+100+10+100+50+50+100).