Three taboo topics in scientific journals: aquatic-ape hypothesis, humanzee, hoax


Society and science have their taboos. Three hypotheses related to human evolution that are not discussed in respected scientific journals are: 
The aquatic ape hypothesis
The hypothesis that viable human-chimp hybrids (humanzees) might be lab-created
The hypothesis that an accepted hominin fossil is not really authentic, and might be a hoax

Journals will not or cannot publish my manuscript with the title "The story of human evolution is based on fictional fossil evidence
Two different journals seriously considered it, but had to turn it down. Their editors invited about 20 different paleoanthropologists to be a referee for it, but only one paleoanthropologist (John Hawks) responded. 

Therefore I'll see if I can get it published in another type of scientific journal (journals that deal with the philosophy/sociology of science.)  I've now changed the title to 'Hoax should no longer be a taboo topic in the science of paleoanthropology.


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