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Glossary of  Special Terms

Pseudonumerology®   A word game or word puzzle.
In Pseudonumerology, numbers are converted to words for the pleasure of playing with word combinations.  Then the words may be converted back, as a device to remember the numbers.  Pseudonumerology is not related to the occult practice of numerology.
The word Pseudonumerology is pseudospelled 0123456.

pseudonumeral  A symbol for a number.
The ten pseudonumerals are S (0), T (1), N (2), M (3), R (4), L (5), J (6), K (7), F (8), P (9).  These symbols S, T, N ... are not pronounced as the letters "ess", "tee", "en"... but as "iss", "it", "in", "im", "ir", "il", "ij", "ik", "if", "ip".  They are handy to convert numbers to words.   Simply write each digit as its pseudonumeral, and see what words you can make for the sounds that the pseudonumerals remind you of.
The word pseudonumeral is pseudospelled 012345.

noun: A pseudonym, or substitute name, for a long-digit number in Pseudonumerology.
A pseudonume may be a single word or several words.
  example:  A pseudonume for 6 5 2 6 is "challenge", another is "usually enjoy".
verb: To create a pseudonume for a given long-digit number.
  example: "It takes a few minutes to pseudonume an eight-digit number."
The word pseudonume is pseudospelled 0123.

pseudofab  A fabricated or modified word, used as a pseudonume.  Pseudofab is abbreviated from "pseudonumerologic fabrication" or "pseudonumerologic fab.", which is pseudospelled 0123456789.
  examples:  The pseudonume phrase: "Please show me everythingk!" contains all 10 digits: 9506384127.  Here the word "everythingk" is pseudofab.  The word monsterish (320146) is pseudofab.  The word phantasmagorishable (also including all 10 digits) is pseudofab.

Pseudonumer®  A device (by the PseudonumerologicVIPs) that is helpful in pseudonuming numbers.
  example:  Three English-language Pseudonumers currently available are the Pocket Pseudonumer, the Ponderous Pseudonumer, and the Peewee Web Pseudonumer.
The word Pseudonumer is pseudospelled 01234.

pseudospell  To spell out the numbers of a pseudonume.
  example:  Pseudonumerology is pseudospelled 0 1 2 3 4 5 6.

pseudobabble   Gibberish words made from the pseudonumerals of numbers.  The only vowel appearing in pseudobabble is the letter i.
  example: "P i f i k   j i l i r m i n t s" is pseudobabble, from the ten digits 9876543210 (P-iF-iK  J-iL-iR-iM-iN-iT-iS.)  More about Pseudobabble here.

Pseudonumerals A competitive crossword game (by the PseudonumerologicVIPs), something like SCRABBLE.   It is for children as well as adults, using no playing-board, and using number-tiles instead of letter-tiles.

PseudX  A crossword puzzle with numbers (by the PseudonumerologicVIPs).  Clues are given to lead to pseudonumes, and these are pseudospelled and written as numbers on the puzzle.

Numberwords  A mental word game for children and adults, requiring no pencil or paper.

PseudoSums  A word-and-addition game in which pseudonumes are found to match the sum of three previous numbers.

phantasmagoria  An English word for a series of weird illusions or pictures.
In Pseudonumerology, a silly phantasmagoria of visual pseudonumes is used to remember a long series of numbers.

PseudonumerologicVIPs   A family business name.
Allan Krill and family (Alison, Alex, Annika, Nikolai, Maia, Max), who are developing, testing, and publishing this stuff.
Brodtkorbs vei 4, N-7018 Trondheim.  Telephone +47 73512451.    allan@pseudonumerology.com

The words marked  ® and are trademarks of Allan Krill, PseudonumerologicVIPs.  They may not be sold or commercially exploited.

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