Professor Kemal Nisancioglu, Ph.D.

Kemal Nisancioglu is a professor of applied electrochemistry at the Department of Materials Technology and Electrochemistry. He is responsible for undergraduate teaching in Corrosion and Corrosion Protection at NTNU.  He teaches also an undergraduate (4th year) course in Electrochemical Engineering.  In addition, he teaches graduate courses in Transport Phenomena and Aluminum Surface Technology.

Areas of Specialization: Aqueous and solid-state electrochemistry, corrosion in aqueous media, light metal surfaces, mathematical modelling of electrochemical systems.
Current research work include corrosion and surface science of light metals (Al, Mg), solid oxide fuel cell development, and characterization of oxygen separation membranes.
1968-73  University of California at Berkeley, M.S. (1969) and Ph.D. (1973) in  Chemical Engineering.
1964-68  Massachusetts Institute of Technology, B.S. in Chemical Engineering.  Received Clark Foundation Scholarship.

1986-  Professor, Department of Electrochemistry (Department of Materials Technology and Electrochemistry from 1999), Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU); Department Head 1997-98, Assistant Head 1999-
1986-98 Senior Scientific Advisor, Division of Materials Technology, Foundation for Industrial and Scientific Research at NTH (SINTEF).
1996-97 Visiting Professor, Department of Photonics and Interfaces, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne.
1990-91 Visiting Profesor, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Stanford University.
1978-86 Group Leader, Corrosion, Division of Metallurgy, SINTEF.
Fall 1981 Visiting Scientist, Dept. of Metallurgy and Mining, University of  Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
1976-78 Research Associate, Royal Norwegian Council for Scientific and Industrial Research.
1975-76 Instructor, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, Middle East Technical University, Ankara.
1973-75 Postdoctorate Fellow, Royal Norwegian Council for Scientific and Industrial Research.
1968-73 Research Assistant, Inorganic Materials Research Division, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory.

International Corrosion Council (Council Member), European Federation of Corrosion (Working Groups for "The Use of Surface-Analytical Techniques in Corrosion Science" and "Corrosion Education"), International Society of Electrochemistry (Norwegian National Secretary), Federation of European Chemical Societies Working Party on Electrochemistry (Norwegian Member), The Electrochemical Society, National Association of Corrosion Engineers.
Member, The Norwegian Academy of Technological Sciences (NTVA)


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