Johan Berg Pettersen, Associate Professor
Industrial Ecology Programme , Dept. of Energy and Process Engineering
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Research projects, ongoing

SisAl Pilot: Innovative pilot for Silicon production with low environmental impact using secondary Aluminium and silicon raw material (task lead, H2020 2020-2024).
Involving: PhD student Elisa Pastor Vallés

LASTING: Sustainable prosperity through product durability (WP lead, RCN 2020-2023).
Involving: PhD student Kamila Krych

CircWtE: Waste-to-Energy and Municipal Solid Waste management systems in Circular Economy (WP lead, RCN 2021-2024)
Involving: PhD student TBD

SisAl slag valorization: replacing carbon with secondary Al for Si production, and in parallel making a slag being a perfect precursor for HPA (WP lead, EiT Raw Materials, 2021-2023).
Involving: researcher TBD

RemovAl: Removing the waste streams from the primary Aluminum production in Europe (task lead, H2020 2018-2022).
Involving: post doc Yan Ma

Research projects, completed

LCA Harmonization: harmonizing inventory databases for life cycle assessment of space systems (coordinator, ESA contract, 2019-2020).
Involving: researcher.

Master thesis supervised
See links for reference in NTNU Open and access to full thesis (updates around once per year).


  • Sofie Helene Næss Jebsen Scenarios for the decarbonization of energy supply for salmon aquaculture in Norway
  • María Carolina Mora Sojo Quantifying the Norwegian household's clothing system and its environmental impacts for a transition towards a more circular economy
  • Elisa Pastor Vallés Life cycle assessment of silicon metal by aluminothermic reduction: an industrial symbiosis approach
  • Philip Gjedde Life cycle analysis of remediation and utilization of bauxite residue: evaluation of technologies from a location perspective


  • Alessandro Sterpellone Circular economy potential of inorganic polymers from bauxite residues and other slags: an LCA study
  • Ben Whitaker Comparative life cycle assessment of deep-sea mining with onshore mining
  • Paul Erik Schabedoth Life cycle assessment of rocket launches and the effects of the propellant choice on their environmental performance
  • Ingvild Wang Life cycle assessment of iron extraction from bauxite residue
  • Andrea A. Nistad Current and Future Energy Use for Atlantic Salmon Farming in Recirculating Aquaculture Systems in Norway


  • Sofie Møller Reduction of CO2 Emissions in the Salmon Farming Industry: The Potential for Energy Efficiency Measures and Electrification
  • Julie Gade Gærbitz Bærekraftig lokal energiforsyning til et nytt hyttekonsept
  • Marius B. Thorvaldsen Bærekraftige hytter
  • Daeyeon Cho Visualisation of zero-emission neighbourhood for architects and the application to Nidarvoll Skole in Trondheim


  • Yasmine Zaki Abdelaziz Life cycle assessment of phosphorous management for RAS sludge


  • Anthony Okiemute (2015, co-supervisor) Life-cycle assessment of slop water management in challenging offshore drilling operations
  • Anne Lise Torp (2014, co-supervisor) Life Cycle Assessment of Wastewater Treatment for Oil and Gas Operations
  • Carine Grossrieder (2011, co-supervisor) Life-Cycle assessment of Future High-speed Rail in Norway