TEP4170 Heat and Combustion Technology

These pages are used
1) to communicate information that is general and not (much) changed from year to year. Details and specific information are given in Blackboard (our electronic learning system).
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See deatails and day-to-day messages in It's Learning

Time and place

The timetable (with lectures and exercise hours, and the room) is available with the course description and is usually published in December. See "Course Description" in the menu to the left. Usually we are allocated 2+3 hours each week, for 14 weeks of teaching. A specific term plan will be made for each year.
Most (not all) weeks we will lecture 2h+2h and have 1h of exercise guidance. The total number of lectures will be about 42h (i.e. 14 x 3h).
Two lab exercises (in groups) will be arranged, and there are 11 individual theory exercices.

We usually get Room VA2, which is in the Thermal engineering lab. (Varmeteknisk lab./Kolbjørn Hejes vei 1), 3rd floor ("4th level" in Norwegian), entrance b.  VA2 in map

Contact person

Professor Ivar S. Ertesvåg, tel. (735)93839, ivar.s.ertesvag(at)ntnu.no , Room A314, 2nd floor (3rd level), entrance a or b.
Assistant: see Blackboard.


Final exam: Written, 4 hours, 100 % weight. See time and place in the Course description (menu)
D: No printed or handwritten aids are allowed. Specified calculator is allowed.