Høsten 2000 avholdes seminaret på

 338 Sentralbygg II, tirsdag 10:15-12

21. november  Alberto Bressan (SISSA/IMF) "Discontinuous Differential Equations" Abstract

14. november  Fred Espen Benth (UiO) "Reservoir modelling and stochastic analysis"    kl 11:00-12:00, B-451 Berg (merk tid og sted!)  Abstract   (This is part of a one-day seminar organized by the URE-project (responsible: Henning Omre))

7. november  Joakim Sundnes (Ifi/UiO) "Efficient solution of ordinary differential equations modeling electrical activity in cardiac cells" Abstract

31. oktober  no seminar

17. oktober  Wen Shen (IMF) "Convergence and BV estimate for multicomponent chromatography with relaxation" Abstract

13. oktober  Alberto Bressan (SISSA/IMF) "Stability of weak solutions to hyperbolic conservation laws" Abstract The colloquium takes place at 14:15-15:15 in F4.

5.-6. oktober  Workshop on nonlinear evolution equations

3. oktober  no seminar

26. september  no seminar

22. september  Harald Hanche-Olsen (IMF) "Large vibrations of the classical string"Abstract The colloquium takes place at 14:15-15:15 in F4. (This is not a regular DIFTA seminar, but could have been.)

19. september  Gunnar Taraldsen (Fysiol. og biomed. tekn. inst., NTNU) "Derivation of model equations for nonlinear medical ultrasonics"Abstract

12. september  no seminar

5. september  Thomas G. Theting (IMF og University of Mannheim) "Nonlinear Filtering"Abstract

29. august  Andreas Bartel (University of Karlsruhe)  "Multirate One-step Methods in Circuit Simulation"Abstract

26. august  Espen R. Jakobsen (IMF)  "Continuous dependence estimates for viscosity solutions of nonlinear degenerate parabolic equations."   kl 10:15-12, B-051 (merk dato, tid og sted!)

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2001-01-18 11:42