Theses notes were all written for use in some course, but they are collected here because they might be of more general interest.

Elements of mathematical analysis

Notes first developed for the course 75042 Partial Differential Equations in 1996, later used for the course 75033 Linear Analysis

The derivative of a determinant

Tiny note written for 75045 Dynamical Systems in 1997.

Fraktaler og kaos (Fractals and chaos, in Norwegian)

Based on notes by Nils Baas for the course on 75045 Dynamical Systems.

Osgoodkurven (The Osgood curve, in Norwegian)

An example of a simple plane curve of positive area. Though the note is in Norwegian, you might still look up the reference to William F. Osgood's 1903 paper, and admire the pictures, which were taken from the paper.

Litt topologi i Euklidske rom (A bit of topology in Euclidean spaces, in Norwegian)

Written for 75045 Dynamical Systems in 1997 and slightly edited since then.

Vektorrom og lineæravbildninger (Vector spaces and linear maps, in Norwegian)

A note used as a supplement to Gilbert Strang: Linear algebra and its applications for the course 75032 Matrix methods.

Buckingham's pi-theorem

A note used a couple of times in the course 75048/TMA4195 Mathematical modeling

Assorted notes on functional analysis

Put together in 2005 from several different notes (now withdrawn) written for the course TMA4230 Functional analysis.

Assorted notes on complex function theory

Put together in 2007 from several different notes written for the course MA2104 Differential equations and complex function theory.

Assorted notes on dynamical systems

Put together in 2008 from several different notes written for the course TMA4165 Differential equations and dynamical systems.

Number theory
Very basic number theory for TMA4155 Cryptography, intro 2010.
Diagonals without tears
Another way to work with subsequences.
Kjeglesnitt (Conic sections, in Norwegian)
Small note written for a class in the spring of 2013.