TMA4195 Mathematical modelling 2005

Harald Hanche-Olsen
Teaching assistant:
Arne Kvarving
Evaluation: By portfolio («Mappeevaluering»).
(10%) modelling project in groups, to be held in weeks 42 & 43 – the final two weeks in October,
(2×10%) Two individual exercises (#8 and #9: results),
(70%) final written exam (4 hours), 15 December.
Permitted aids are: That silly little calculator (HP30S), and
Rottmann: Matematisk formelsamling.
Reading list (syllabus/“pensumliste”)
Sam Howison: Practical Applied Mathematics – Modelling, Analysis, Approximation. Cambridge University Press, 2005. ISBN 0521603692.
In addition, there are some notes. They are all available as PDF files, in A5 format and A4 format. A5 is good for reading on the screen, but A4 is better for printing.
Note on conservation laws and continuum mechanics (A5/A4).
Enzyme kinetics (A5/A4)
Thermistor (A5/A4)
Dynamical systems (A5/A4)
Bifurcations (A5/A4)
Documents and links
Exercises with solutions for all problems.
Exam problems from past years (Norwegian); and this year too (English).
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