TMA4195 Mathematical modelling 2004

Harald Hanche-Olsen
Teaching assistant:
Xavier Raynaud
Evaluation: By portfolio («Mappeevaluering»).
(2×10%) Two individual exercises,
(10%) modelling project in groups,
(70%) final written exam (4 hours), 17 December.
– A compendium is available at the department office. Price NOK 175.
A few notes may be added.
– C. C. Lin, L. A. Segel: Mathematics applied to deterministic problems in the natural sciences (SIAM's Classics Series, from 1988). This is not «mandatory» reading, but I recommend the book for those who are extra interested. Some reading material and much inspiration will be taken from this book.
– Note on Buckingham's pi theorem
– Note on the kidney problem (extremely brief, in Norwegian). As PDF and PostScript
– Note on enzyme kinetics. In A5 format (good for reading from a screen; ps, pdf) and in A4 format (good for printing; ps, pdf)
– Note on similarity solutions for the heat equation: As PDF (A5, A4) and as PostScript (A5, A4).
– Note concerning the hydraulic jump in the sink. In A4 format (good for printing – pdf, ps) or A5 format (good for screen viewing – pdf, ps).
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«Pensumliste» (reading list) and exam information
Exam problems from past years (Norwegian).
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