Solar Materials and Nanostructures Group

Prof. Gibson's Optical Materials and Nanostructures group is based at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim. Current topics of interest include novel solar cell materials and growth methods, transport in nanostructures, and resonant optical structures. We are pursuing the development of transition metal doped II-VI compounds for mid-IR lasers and other applications

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Current News

Research openings: There are limited openings for Master's students in the areas of solar energy and nanomaterials.

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E-Beam lithograph
Growth of patterned nanowire arrays have been developed in this lab by using a soft template created by lithography. This technique gives us the abillity to control the growth site of nanowires. The image shown here is a nanowire map of the US. The bright and dark areas represent ZnO nanowires and the substrate, respectively.