Johannes Falnes

(Det finst ein norsk versjon av denne sida.)

Professor Emeritus
Department of Physics
Norwegian University of Science and Technology NTNU
[before 1996: Norwegian Institute of Technology NTH, University of Trondheim]

Born 1931 at Skudenes, Norway.
Graduated from NTH, Electric Engineering Department as "", 1957 and as "dr.techn.", 1972.

Research interests:

Active in research on ocean-wave energy since 1973, when Kjell Budal (1933-1989) initiated this research at NTH. Previous research interests were electromagnetism, physical electronics, thermonuclear fusion and plasma physics

To see more details on the history of wave power research at the university in Trondheim, click here.]

Selection of publications:


Falnes, J.: "Ocean Waves and Oscillating Systems: linear interactions including wave-energy extraction". Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK, 2002 (ISBN 982-207-002-0).      [Click here to see a list of errors and misprints.]

Some scientific papers:

K.Budal and J.Falnes: A resonant point absorber of ocean-wave power. Nature, Vol.256, pp.478-479 (1975). Corrigendum in Vol.257, p.626 (1975).

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Some invited papers:

J. Falnes and J. Løvseth: Ocean wave energy. Energy Policy, Vol. 19, pp.768-775, (October 1991). Reprinted as Chapter 5 in "Renewable Energy: prospects for implementation" (editor Tim Jackson), Stockholm Environment Institute, Stockholm, Sweden, 1993 (ISBN 91-8811672-7)

A. Douglas Carmichael and Johannes Falnes: State of the art in wave power recovery. Chapter 8, pp. 182-212 in Richard J. Seymour (ed.) "Ocean Energy Recovery", American Society of Civil Engineers, N.Y., 1992 (ISBN 0-87262-894-9).

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J. Falnes: Research and development in ocean-wave energy in Norway, pp.27-39 in H. Kondo (ed.), Proceedings of International Symposium on Ocean Energy Development, 26-27 August 1993, Muroran, Hokkaido, Japan (ISBN 4-906457-01-0).

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