Johannes Falnes

(Det finst ein norsk versjon av denne sida.)

Professor Emeritus
Department of Physics
Norwegian University of Science and Technology NTNU
[before 1996: Norwegian Institute of Technology NTH, University of Trondheim]

Born 1931 at Skudenes, Norway.
Graduated from NTH, Electric Engineering Department as "", 1957 and as "dr.techn.", 1972.

Research interests:

Active in research on ocean-wave energy since 1973, when Kjell Budal (1933-1989) initiated this research at NTH. Previous research interests were electromagnetism, physical electronics, thermonuclear fusion and plasma physics

Selection of publications:


Falnes, J.: "Ocean Waves and Oscillating Systems: linear interactions including wave-energy extraction". Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK, 2002 (ISBN 982-207-002-0).      [Click here to see a list of errors and misprints.]

Some scientific papers:

K.Budal and J.Falnes: A resonant point absorber of ocean-wave power. Nature, Vol.256, pp.478-479 (1975). Corrigendum in Vol.257, p.626 (1975).

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Some invited papers:

J. Falnes and J. Løvseth: Ocean wave energy. Energy Policy, Vol. 19, pp.768-775, (October 1991). Reprinted as Chapter 5 in "Renewable Energy: prospects for implementation" (editor Tim Jackson), Stockholm Environment Institute, Stockholm, Sweden, 1993 (ISBN 91-8811672-7)

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