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Fag MNFFY2201/TFY4300/ ENERGI- OG MILJØFYSIKK (Energy and Environmental Physics)

Lectures 1 and 3 October 2003 on OCEAN WAVE ENERGY

The selected matter corresponds essentially to chapter 12 in the book by J.W. Twidell & A.D. Weir: "Renewable Energy Resources" (1986), but with some updated information included. Some corrections and comments to this chapter may be found on [4 kB]

A selection of presented slides may be seen on [6662 kB]

Moreover, some presented handwritten overhead transparencies may be seen on [562 kB]

A calculation exercise on the tapered-channel wave-energy converter may be seen on [558 kB]

Concerning further reading, more information is to be found on additional web pages as follows:

A list of books on wave energy:

On wave energy in some ocean areas:

On wave-energy converters, research, development and industrialisation:


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