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Expert in Team

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This course is compulsory for all Master students at NTNU. Its aim is to combine knowledge from different study fields within a village. Each village works on a specific topic producing a project and process report. In addition, students are also encouraged to create more innovative products e.g. short movies or a magazine.

The Dikiy-Lab offers this course since 2011 and will continue in the future. If you have questions please contact us.

Expert in Team - 2013

2013 - Challenges of the Post-Genome Era (TBT4850)
Village 2013 - outline (PDF) - click here
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Expert in Team - 2012

2012 - Development of new strategies for the promotion of biotechnology (TBT4850)
Village 2012 - outline (PDF) - click here
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Expert in Team - 2011

2011 - Stem Cells Studies: Research and Ethical Aspects (TBT4850)
Village 2011 - outline (PDF) - click here
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