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Paul Gunnar Dommersnes

Professor PhD, Department of Physics, NTNU

Paul Dommersnes research focuses on non-equilibrium physics and self-assembly in soft matter and biology.

Paul Dommersnes obtained his Siv.Ing. degree in applied physics from NTNU, and his PhD in theoretical physics from ESPCI, Paris. He was a postdoctoral fellow in statistical physics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and in biophysics at the Curie Institute, Paris. In 2005 he became a permanent faculty member at Paris Diderot University. He joined the Department of Physics NTNU as professor in 2019.


Clay alignment in electric fields

R. Castberg, Z. Rozynek, J. O. Fossum, K. J. Maloy, P. Dommersnes & E. G. Flekkoy
Cuban Journal of Physics<, Revista Cubana de Fisica, 29-1E , 17-19 (2012)

Soft-Matter Nanotubes

Lobovkina, A. Jesorka, B. Onfelt, J. Lagerwall, P. Dommersnes & O. Orwar
Molecular- and Nano-Tubes; O. Hayden, K. Nielsch(eds.) Springer, (2011)