Using an Integrity-Licensed Instrument Control


Once an instrument has been set up with an Advantage Integrity license, it will become part of the Advantage Integrity system.  Access will be controlled, data will be stored in the Oracle database, and an audit trail will record events. Once you are logged in to the instrument, the basic operation of an Integrity instrument is the same as its non-Integrity (standard) counterpart for calibrating, setting up experiments, and starting runs.  

The few differences are noted here.  

NOTE:  Each saved data record within the database will also be assigned a Record ID #, which is displayed on any saved images that are created.

To assign a project to a run follow these steps:

Within the Q Series™ instrument control program this list of controllable privileges includes items such as access to calibration parameters and analysis, modifying a running method, etc.  Therefore, typical functions may not be available depending on the access groups(s) assigned to you.  Consult with your TA System Manager to learn about your privilege list for instrument control.  

In addition, a set of functions that are available in the standard version of instrument control, are not available when logged into the Integrity system.  These functions include:

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Handling Multiple Users for a Single Instrument

When there is more than one user accessing a single instrument, the following rules apply:

See the Advantage Integrity Getting Started Guide or the online help for additional information.

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