Sorting the Data in Tree View


You can change the way the database information is arranged, or sorted, in the left-hand pane's tree view by clicking the  button on the Audit Trail Viewer or Database Viewer tool bar. This opens the Set Data Sort Order In Tree View window shown here.

Set Sort Order In Tree View Window

The numbers shown on the left indicate the hierarchy order for the tree view display. To change the order, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Reset button to clear the order.

  2. Click the classification buttons in the order you wish to display the hierarchy.  A number is displayed next to the button indicating the level in the tree view.  (At least two items must be selected to optimize searching performance.) For example, you may wish the data to be sorted primarily by Date. Click the Date button first. To continue setting up the hierarchy as seen in the figure above, you would click the Users button second, Projects button third, and Modules button last.

  3. Click OK when finished. The Database Viewer or Audit Trail Viewer will arrange the information according to the selected hierarchy.

See the Advantage Integrity Getting Started Guide or the online help for additional information.

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