Saving Records to the Database


Data files produced from experiments are automatically saved to the secure database.

Method, procedures and sequence files are not saved in the database, nor are the changes audited for these files in this system. They continue to be saved at the designated file location specified by the operator.  

However, file open and save for these file types are recorded in the audit trail. Moreover, the saved data record contains the details of the experimental conditions (e.g., method, calibration, and instrument parameters) within the parameter block of the saved data record. This information can be viewed in the Universal Analysis program by selecting View/Parameter Block.

Record Protection

Data records are protected and canít be deleted within this system. This applies to the original experimental data, saved analyses (with or without the data), and saved Universal Analysis sessions, as well as PDF (portable document format), or BMP (bitmap) images of data plots and reports generated by Universal Analysis.

This does not apply to Universal Analysisí macro, ini, or custom reports files. Nor does it apply to Instrument Control method, procedure, or sequence files. These files are stored outside the system and controlled by the operator.

See the Advantage Integrity Getting Started Guide or the online help for additional information.

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