Removing the DSC Q1000 Cell


Should you need to remove the DSC Q1000 cell from the instrument for any reason, follow these steps:

  1. Select the Control/Lid/Open function to raise the Autolid from the Q1000 cell and cause it to move out of the way to its home position. If the Q1000 is equipped with an Autosampler, press the HOME key on the Autosampler touch screen to move it to the "home" position.

NOTE:  The Pressure DSC cell is not compatible with the DSC Q1000 AutoLid or Autosampler.  These items must be disabled so that they remain out of the way (parked) during pressure cell experiments.  The Q1000 software automatically recognizes when a Pressure DSC cell is mounted and disables these two items.

  1. Pull the plug on the side of the unit cover out to remove it.  Then remove the screws attaching the cell cover to the unit cover.  Three screws are located on the side and one is located on the top.  Retain the screws.

  2. If your instrument has an Autosampler installed, lift up the cover to release the tabs and pull the cover towards you to remove it fully.

  3. If you do not have an Autosampler, you will have to remove additional screws to release the cover. Then pull the cover towards you to remove it fully.

  4. If there is a cooling accessory installed, make sure that is has reached room temperature, then remove it.  For instructions on removing a cooling accessory, reverse the instructions for the appropriate accessory at the following links:  Installing the RCS, Installing the Finned Air Cooling System, or Installing a Quench Cooler.

  5. Remove the two thumbscrews at the front of the cell base as shown in the figure below.

  6. Make sure the cell has reached room temperature, then slide out the cell.

Remove thumbscrews

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