Q1000/Q100 Autosampler Cycle Test


After calibrating the Autosampler you can perform a cycle test to test these calibration positions. During the cycle test the Autosampler will load a sample pan into the cell (beginning with pan number 1), close the lid, then open the cell and unload the pan. Then it will proceed to the next pan number and repeat the operation until you stop the cycling.

The Autosampler Cycle Test functions are used to test the Autosampler pan loading, unloading, tray rotation and gripper finger functionality. To perform an Autosampler Cycle test, follow these steps:

Follow these instructions to perform a cycle test:

  1. Press AUTOSAMPLER on the Control Menu Touch Screen. NOTE:  The DSC AutoLid is automatically opened when the Autosampler Control options touch screen is accessed.

  2. Autosampler Test Options Touch ScreenIf there are any pans in the cell unload them first using the Unload function. (If you unload them manually you will need to reset the Autosampler before conducting the cycle test.)

  3. Place the desired number of pans into the sample pan positions beginning with position number 1. Add enough pans to complete the number of cycles desired.

  4. Press TEST on the Autosampler Control options touch screen.

  5. Press CYCLE TEST to begin the testing.

When you want to stop the cycle test, press the STOP TEST key. The Autosampler will automatically unload any pan left in the cell, then return to the park position. The cycle test will also automatically stop when it cannot pick up a pan or when there is no pan to pick up.

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