The following topics deal with troubleshooting your instrument and experiments. Click on the desired topic below:

How to Get Help

Selecting a Language

Using the Instrument Log

Data File Transfer

Cleaning a Contaminated Cell

Resetting instruments

Resetting the Autosampler

Using the TA Instrument Explorer

Setting the Instrument's Date, Time, and Language

Configuring the Network Settings

Setting Up the System Configuration

Selecting Internet Provider (IP) Addresses

Q2000/Q200/Auto Q20 Motor Test

Q1000/Q100 Motor Test

Q2000/Q200/Auto Q20 Autosampler Cycle Test

Q1000/Q100 Autosampler Cycle Test

Calibrating the QNX Touch Screen

Transporting the DSC/Autosampler

Replacing Fuses

DSC Replacement Parts

DFA Troubleshooting Guide

TA Instruments Offices