Introducing the DSC Q20/Q10 Keypad

Q20 Keypad

DSC Q20 Keypad

DSC Auto Q20 Keypad

DSC Q10 Keypad

DSC Q10 Keypad


The DSC Q20/Auto Q20/Q10 instrument keypads, shown above, contains keys that control local operations at the instrument (experiment starting and stopping). Experiment information and instrument parameters are entered using the instrument control software.


Start KeyStart Key:  Begins the experiment.  This is the same function as Start on the instrument control software.



Stop KeyStop Key:  If an experiment is running, this key ends the method normally, as though it had run to completion; i.e., the post test conditions go into effect and the data that has been generated is saved.  This is the same function as Stop on the instrument control software.


Open/Close LidOpen/Close Key:  (Available on Auto Q20 Only.) Toggles between opening and closing the DSC Auto Q20 AutoLid.



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