Installing a Voltage Configuration Unit


A voltage configuration unit is required if you use 230 Vac, rather than 120 Vac.  Follow these steps to install the unit on the PCU:

NOTE:  See Step 5 if you want to install a new fuse.

WARNING: High voltages are present in this instrument. Be sure to unplug the instrument before performing these instructions.  

  1. Remove the contents from the shipping box and verify that all of the components are present.

  2. Remove the access plate located on the rear of the instrument by removing the four (4) screws that secure it in place.  See the figure below.

Removing the Access Plate

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  1. Connections for Voltage Configuration UnitDisconnect the A10J10 connector from A10P10 located inside the PCU.  Now connect the A10J10 connector on the transformer to A10P10 located inside the PCU. Then connect A10J10 located inside the PCU to A38J1 on the anti-surge subassembly.  See the diagram to the right for clarification.

  2. Install the subassembly into the PCU and tighten the four (4) captive fasteners to secure it.

  3. Remove the fuse holder from the power entry module and replace the 10 amp fuses with 6.3 amp fuses, which are supplied in the voltage configuration kit.  Discard the 10 amp fuses.  See the figure below.Removing the Fuse Holder/Installing the Transformer

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