How to Get Help


Flyover Help

To see information about a tool bar button, position the mouse pointer over the button until the text appears.

Contents and Index

To open the appropriate help file, click Help Topics on the Help menu. Then click the Contents tab to scroll through a table of contents for the Help file. Click the Index tab to search for topics by using an index of Help subjects. Click on the Find tab to use full-text search and look for specific words or phrases.

Help Buttons and F1

While using the program, you can click the Help button found on many windows to access helpful information about the items on that window.

NOTE: For information on using the system software, Windows® and the help facility see the literature accompanying Windows.

Message Help

When you receive an error or informational message, click the Help button or press the F1 key to obtain additional information.

Instrument Error Help

Access the Instrument Log through the View menu. Select the desired error message displayed in the log. Press the Error Help button to obtain help for that specific error message.

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