DSC Replacement Parts

Replacement parts for the DSC that you can replace yourself are available from TA Instruments. See the table below and the list of offices when ordering parts. Click on one of the following categories to link to the list of parts in that grouping:

Fuses, Cords, and Cables

Part Number         Description

205221.001            Fuse (6.3 amp, 250 V)

205221.002            Fuse (10 amp, 250 V)

205224.035            Fuse (0.75 amp, 250V Slo Blo) for 230V/50Hz RCS

205224.039            Fuse (1.0 amp, 250V Slo Blo) for 120V/60Hz RCS

251470.025            Ethernet cable (7.7m [25 foot], shielded)

253827.000            Power cord 120 V(Q10, Q100, Q1000, RCS)

270469.001            Power cord 220 V (RCS)

920223.901            Event cable

DSC Cells, Lids, and Accessories

Part Number         Description

910824.001            Cell cleaning brush

970020.901            Removable cell (Q2000/Q1000)

970520.901            Fixed Cell (Q200 / Q100 / Q12 / Q10 / AQ20) - Service installation required

970045.901            Removable cell thumb screw (Q200/Q1000)

970132.001            Cell plate gasket

970464.001            Upper lid (AutoLid II - Q200, Q20000)

970442.001            Inner lid (Manual - Q20, AutoLid II - Q200, Q2000)

970283.001            Outer manual lid (Q10, Q20)

970284.901            Manual cell cover (Q10, Q20)

970291.001            Inner lid (AutoLid I - Q100, Q1000)

970292.901            Auto cell cover (AutoLid I - Q100, Q1000, AutoLid II - Q200, Q2000)

970294.001            Auto lid clamp (AutoLid I - Q100, Q1000)

970295.001            Auto lid clamp spring (AutoLid I - Q100, Q1000)

970520.901            Q10, Q100 Fixed cell - Service installation required.

970003.901            Mass Flow Controller Upgrade Kit for Q10/Q100 -  Includes Field Service installation

271580.001            Curved tweezers

271244.001            Auto lid bias spring (AutoLid I - Q100, Q1000, AutoLid II - Q200, Q2000)

970830.901            AutoLid II Upgrade for Q1000/Q100

Autosampler Accessories

Part Number         Description

971126.901            Autosampler Sample Pan Tray

971012.901            Autosampler Dust Cover

971081.901            Autosampler Cell CalibrationFixture

971092.001            Autosampler Sample Waste Bin Container

Tzero Sample Encapsulation Press

Part Number         Description

901600.901            Tzero Sample Press Kit

(Includes the press, the 3 die sets given below, and 1 box each of Tzero Aluminum pans (PN 901670.901) and Tzero Aluminum Lids (PN 901671.901)

901608.901            Replacement Die Set for Standard Series Pans

901608.903            Replacement Die Set for Tzero Series Aluminum Pans

901608.904            Replacement Die Set for Tzero Series Hermetic Pans and Hermetic Alodined Pans

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Standard Series Sample Press

Part Number         Description

900720.001            Hermetic die for Q Series Sample Press

900529.901            Kit to upgrade sample press to Q Series Sample Press

900752.901            Lower crimping die assembly (Q Series Sample Press)

900530.901            Upper crimping die assembly (Q Series Sample Press)

900584.001            Cam pin lever (Q Series Sample Press)

900719.001            Preforming tool for sealing hermetic pans (Q Series  Sample Press)

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DSC Sample Pans, Lids, and Accessories

Tzero Series Sample Pans and Lids

Part Number         Description

901670.901            Tzero Aluminum Pans (Pkg of 100)

901671.901            Tzero Aluminum Lids (Pkg of 100)

901683.901            Tzero Hermetic Pans (Pkg of 100)

901684.901            Tzero Hermetic Lids (Pkg of 100)

901697.901            Tzero Hermetic Alodined Pans (Pkg of 100)

901698.901            Tzero Hermetic Alodined Lids (Pkg of 100)

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Standard Series Pans and Lids

Part Number         Description

900578.901            Platinum Pans (Pkg of 10)

900786.901            Aluminum Pans (Pkg of 200)

900779.901            Aluminum Lids (Pkg of 200)

900793.901            Aluminum Pans, Hermetic (Pkg of 200)

900794.901            Aluminum Pans, Hermetic (Pkg of 200)

900860.901            Aluminum Hermetic Lids with Pinhole (Pkg of 50)

900796.901            Coated Aluminum Pans, hermetic (Pkg of 200)

900790.901            Coated Aluminum Lids, hermetic (Pkg of 200)

900870.901            Aluminum Pans for SFI Sample (Pkg of 200)

900867.901            Copper Pans (Pkg of 200)

900866.901            Gold Pans (Pkg of 10)

900868.901            Gold Lids (Pkg of 10)

900871.901            Gold Pans, Hermetic (Pkg of 10)

900872.901            Gold Lids, Hermetic (Pkg of 10)

900874.901            Graphite Pans (Pkg of 10)

900873.901            Graphite Lids (Pkg of 10)

900825.901            High Volume Pan Kit (Includes metal bell jar, & lid, dies set, pans, lids, seals)

900824.901            High Volume Pan Die Set

900825.902            High Volume Pans, Lids & Seals (100 of each)

900808.901            High Pressure Pan Kit

(Includes metal bell jar, & lid, dies set, crimping tools, reusable SST capsules (5) & seals (20))

900814.901            High Pressure Capsule Seals (Pkg of 20)

900815.901            High Pressure SST Capsules (Pkg of 5)

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Calibration/Reference Materials

Part Number         Description

915060.901            DSC/DTA Temperature Calibration Kit

915061.901            Replacement Certified Indium Reference Material for above kit

900902.901            Indium Calibration Material

900910.901            Tin calibration Material

900907.901            Zinc Calibration Material

970345.901            Tzero™ Sapphire Calibration Kit

970370.901            MDSC® Sapphire Calibration Kit

915079.901            Sapphire Specific Heat Material

899096.901            Anisic Acid (1 g)

899097.901            Biphenyl (1 g)

900319.901            DSC Oxidative Stability Calibration Kit

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