Adjusting the Event, Storage, Gas, and Air Cool, Selections


During an active experiment the data storage, event, gas, and air cool states are controlled by the method parameters and/or method segments. However, you may manually change the state of these selections using the Control menu.

To display the status of these items, select Tools/User Preferences/Status Page and select the desired items to display on the status line. This will allow you to monitor the changes in these items.

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Changing the Event State

Use Event on the Control menu to activate (on) or deactivate (off) an external device connected to the instrument with the event cable (e.g., RCS set to Auto mode). This control overrides the Event segment in the method.

If the selected Event state is currently active, no action will be seen.

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Changing the Data Storage State

Data storage is typically controlled by the method segments; however, you can use Control/Store to manually turn data storage on and off during a running method. This control overrides the Data Storage segment in the method.

If the selected Data Storage option is currently active, no action will be seen.

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Changing Between Gas #1 and Gas #2 (MFC Only)

Use Control/Gas/Gas #1/#2 to switch between the primary and secondary purge gases used during an experiment. A purge gas is a gas, often inert (e.g., nitrogen), that flows through the cell during the experiment. For example, oxidative stability experiments use nitrogen for the primary gas and oxygen for the secondary gas.

NOTE: Please make sure that you run your experiments with the same gas that you used to calibrate the system. For example, if you calibrate using nitrogen, make your runs with nitrogen.

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If the selected Gas state is currently active, no action will be seen.

NOTE: If you are using laboratory purge gas, rather than bottle purge gas, you will need to install an external drier.

CAUTION: Use of corrosive gases will shorten the life of the instrument. NEVER use a corrosive gas in the instrument. The MFC is not designed to work with corrosive gases.

WARNING: Use of an explosive gas as a purge gas is dangerous and is not recommended for this instrument.

Click here for more information on the DSC purge gases. more

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Changing the Air Cool State

Use Air Cool on the Control menu to open (on) or close (off) the internal solenoid valve connected to the Air Cool connector on the exterior of the instrument.

It is not recommended that you turn off Air Cool while running an experiment with a Finned Air Cooling System.

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