Adding Comments to the Audit Trail


You can add a comment to an existing audit trail entry or add a new audit trail entry to further explain an action or event.

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Adding a Comment to an Existing Audit Trail Entry

  1. Open the Audit Trail Viewer by selecting View/Audit Trail from either the Advantage Instrument Control or Universal Analysis program.

  2. Browse the audit trail to find the desired entry for the additional comment. Once the audit entry is highlighted, click on the button on the tool bar or double click on the audit entry to display the Additional Comments to an Existing Log window.

  3. Type the desired comment to be added to the comments section for this audit trail entry.

  4. Select OK when finished.

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Adding a New Audit Trail Entry

To an a new audit trail entry ["User Comment"} to the audit trail, follow these steps:

  1. Open the desired program. From the Instrument Control program, select View/Add an Audit Comment or from Universal Analysis select Edit/Audit Trail Comment.

  2. Select the desired project association from the drop-down list.

  3. Instrument Control:  Select to associate this comment entry to the Current selected run (e.g., same Record ID) or have a Global association (e.g., Record ID=1).

  4. Type in the desired comment.

  5. Select Add (within Instrument Control) or OK (within Universal Analysis) when finished.

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Viewing an Audit Trail Entry Report

Comments can be seen in the Comment column within the Audit Trail Viewer, along with the data and time of entry, and user name. Multiple comments may be entered for any entry. You may need to refresh () the viewer to see it after immediately adding the entry.

To view any audit entry in textural format, browse the tree-view to the lowest level and highlight the desired Audit Entry . A textural report for this entry will be displayed in the right-hand table view pane.

See the Advantage Integrity Getting Started Guide or the online help for additional information.

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