Accessing Records in the Database


After logging into the Advantage Integrity-licensed Universal Analysis program, you may need to locate the experiment data in the database for analysis.  

You can either browse for data in the Database Viewer using the tree view functions in the left-hand pane, using the Record ID number, or by using the Database Search Wizard (which employs SQL).  These three methods are briefly explained in the sections that follow.

Browsing for Data in Tree View

The left-hand pane of the Database Viewer can be used to locate data in tree view.  Click on each item to open the items below it until you come to the desired record. The sort order in which these items are displayed can be customized using the Set Sort Order function, . (See: Sorting the Data in Tree View  for information on setting the sort order.)

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Browsing the Database by Record

To browse around the database by a particular record you can use several different methods:

See the Advantage Integrity Getting Started Guide or the online help for additional information.

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