Claudia I. Scheimbauer

About me

I started a tenure-track position as Førsteamanuensis, which is the Norwegian way of saying Associate Professor, in the Geometry & Topology group at NTNU in Trondheim, Norway, in August 2018. The position is funded by the BFS, the Bergen Research Foundation. See the project website Higher category theory meets quantum field theory (CATSinQFT) for more information.

Besides Trondheim, this academic year you can also find me visiting the program Homotopy harnessing Higher Structures at the Isaac Newton Institute in Cambridge, UK; the program Derived Algebraic Geometry at MSRI in Berkeley, USA; and at the University of Oxford as an academic visitor.

I am interested in the intersection of mathematical physics and algebraic topology, more precisely in the mathematical study of field theories using methods from homotopy theory. My research is concerned with several questions in the realm of functorial extended field theories and higher structures using tools like factorization algebras/factorization homology and derived symplectic geometry. I am also interested in the required higher categorical foundations for using homotopy theory in the study of field theories.

How to get in touch?

claudia.scheimbauer AT

office 1250 on the 12th floor Department of Mathematical Sciences, NTNU
Sentralbygg 2, Gløshaugen
Alfred Getz' vei 1
7034 Trondheim
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