My doctor students

Bo Lindqvist
NameTitle of thesisDisputation
Tor StålhaneA load-dependency model for software reliability17.11.1988
Lars BodsbergVULCAN - A vulnerability calculation method for process safety systems17.12.1993
Mette LangaasStatistical discrimination and classification17.08.1995
Randi Hammervold
Properties of goodness offit statistics for structural equation models22.01.1999
Jan Terje KvaløyStatistical methods for detecting and modeling general patternsand relationships in lifetime data10.06.1999
Georg ElvebakkAnalysis of repairable systems data: Statistical inference for aclass of models involving renewals, heterogeneity and time trends02.09.1999
Helge LangsethStatistical modeling and analysis of complex systems18.11.2002
Solomon Gebrechristos Tedla Alphabetic-coordinate model and its application to the discernment of the affinity of four Ethio-Eritrean semitic languages(Geez, Tegrenna, Tegre and Amharic) 15.06.2007
Harald Weedon-Fekjær
Modelling breast cancer incidence, progression and screening test sensitivity using screening data 03.01.2008
Anastasia UshakovaEstimation techniques for deterministicbiological dynamical models with and without time delays06.02.2009
Rupali Rajendra Akerkar
Approximate Bayesian Inference for Survival Analysis 12.06.2012
Zeytu Gashaw Asfaw
Inference and Prediction in Non-stationary Stochastic Models -Survival Analysis and Kriging Interpolation 21.08.2014
Vaclav SlimacekHeterogeneous Poisson processes with application to wind turbine reliability12.10.2015
Celine Marie Løken Cunen (Co-supervised)Wars and Whales: Extensions and Applications of Confidence Curves and Focused Model Selection07.12.2018
Ioannis VardaxisMACPET: Complete Analysis for ChIA-PET28.06.2019
Rasmus ErlemannMathematical Foundation for Distribution Estimators, With Applications to Bayesian, Fiducial and Frequentist Statistics2021