Web Of Things (IDG3006)

Currently I am coordinating and teaching WOT in NTNU (Gjøvik). In this course, the students from bachelor in web development (BWU) and bachelor in interaction design (BIXD) using prior skills, knowledge and general competence, to create a cross-disciplinary project. The goal is to build a web-connected physical device/system to solve real life problems.

Class Environment

We have an interdisciplinary environment. Our priority is to secure, support, encourage, and direct students to express themselves.

Expected Learning outcome


  • Have fundamental knowledge about the key challenges and opportunities related to the emerging        field of Web of Things (WoT) and Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Awareness of key application areas of WoT, IoT, and Pervasive Computing
  • Understanding the influence of WoT/IoT in society, and the need to design and develop following diverse user needs
  • Foundational knowledge of Universal Design of ICT
  • Understanding the technical challenges, obstacles, trade-offs, and workarounds to be able to design and develop WoT solutions
  • Hands-on experience with single board computers, wireless sensors, and flow-based visual programming
  • Foundational knowledge in innovation, prototyping, project management, and testing


  • To be able to innovate and generate product ideas to solve real-life problems with web-connected smart objects
  • To analyse and evaluate design and development approaches, technological limitations, and their workarounds

  • To be able to design and develop web-connected electronic systems to solve real-life problems
  • To be able to user-test, analyse and synthesise test data for further development
  • To be able to communicate ideas, receive instructions and be a productive contributor in an interdisciplinary environment

General Competence

  • Produce/Plan sustainable WoT solutions
  • Evaluate the efficiency and implementation of diverse WoT solutions
  • Evaluate accessibility, the usability of ICT solutions concerning users with diverse abilities
  • Show ability of innovation, creative thinking, and problem-solving

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