Master of Science (MSc) Candidates Supervised by
Professor Asgeir J. Sørensen, Department of Marine Technology, NTNU


  1. Audun Bruås, Modelling and Control of Seismic Vessel during Towed Multi-streamer Operation
  2. Marius Larsen, Modelling and Control of Seismic Vessel during Towed Multi-streamer Operation
  3. Erik Widding, Modelling and simulation of pendlum motion of suspended load during crane operations



  1. Paul Erik Høiskar, An inquiry into the use of a riser angle based position reference system
  2. Nicolai Husteli, Design of observer and tracking controller for long liner fishing vessel
  3. Martin Ludvigsen, Inertial compensated pressure depth



  1. Egil Dino Hansen, Positioning & Motion Damping of Large-Scale Interconnected Marine Structures
  2. Harald Nyberg, Dynamic Positioning of Shuttle-Tankers in Extreme Seas
  3. Lars Myklebust, Ride Control of SES in the Vertical Plane
  4. Mogens Mathiesen, Design of Optimal Control Strategies Related to Energy Management of a Thruster Assisted Position Moored FPSO with Combined Power Plants
  5. Øyvind N. Smogeli, Design and evaluation of force-feedback control systems for VIV experiments



  1. Anders Mikkelsen, Development of Automatic Control System for Horizontal Positioning of OCDV Relative to Payload
  2. Jon Refsnes, Modelling and Observer Design for Way-Point Tracking of Underwater Vehicle
  3. Leif Aarseth, Anti-Spin Control System for Marine Thrusters
  4. Line Aune, Control of Towed Seismic Streamer Cables in Vertical and Horizontal Direction
  5. Marianne Andresen, Observer Design of Trawl System
  6. Per Ivar Barth Berntsen, Configuration Control and Motion Damping of Single Point Anchored Interconnected Marine Structures
  7. Petter H. Bjerke, Nonlinear Output Feedback Control of Trawl System
  8. Tor-Bjørn Idsø Næss, Control of Suspended Load With Installed Thrusters
  9. Toralf Liene, Modelling and Control of Midwater Trawl Net Structures
  10. Torbjørn Nielsen, Development of Cybership III
  11. Trond Ståle Nessmo, Optimizing of Positioning of Suspended Load



  1. Anne Martine Rustad, Motion Damping of a Heat Exchanger on a Floating LNG Vessel
  2. Eirik Midttun, Modeling and Control of the Dolphin AUV
  3. Jo Arve Repp, Modeling and Control of Ships in Extreme Seas
  4. Karl Gunnar Aarsæther, MCSim System Development
  5. Kim Are Paulsen, Design of observer and controller for the Minesniper AUV
  6. Lars Brækstad, Ride Control of Fully Foil Borne High Speed Craft
  7. Håvard N. Austefjord, Ride Control of Fully Foil Borne High Speed Craft
  8. Martin Austad, Development of Dynamic Positioning System for Fishing Vessels
  9. Tor Berg, Observer Design for an Under Water Camera Based Position Measurement System



  1. Bjørn Johansen, Design of Hybrid Dynamic Positioning Controller
  2. Eivind Ruth, Modeling and Control of Controllable Pitch Propellers Subject to Large Losses
  3. Kristoffer Kjellså Jakobsen, Manoeuvring and Positioning of Interconnected Marine Systems



  1. Jonas Beyer Strømquist, Fault-Tolerant Control Allocation of Dynamically Positioned Vessels
  2. Julius Koefoed, Fault-Tolerant Control of Thruster-assisted Position-moored Vessels
  3. Jochen Nils Schilling, Setpoint Chasing for Thruster-Assisted Position Mooring with Different Mooring Configurations



  1. Arild Hope Sørbø, Dynamic Positioning of a Drilling Vessel in an Arctic Environment
  2. Andreas Hammen Hægeland, Control of Loads Through the Wave Zone
  3. Sivert Hana, Modeling, Simulation and Control of Diving Bell Deployment System
  4. Fredrik Dukan, Control of a Heaving Buoy on a Pendulum as a Wave Energy Converter
  5. Luca Acciarri, Anchona, Dynamic Positioning of Pipe Laying Vessels



  1. Kristoffer Eide, Motion Control of Planing Vessels by Use of Trim Appendages
  2. Petter Stuberg, DP Systems in Arctic Areas
  3. Sivert Tønnesen, DP and Manoeuvring of Marine Vessels in Ice Ridge
  4. Torbjørn Barheim, Lateral Control of Towed Submerged Cables



  1. Sindre Ueland, Control Strategies for Maneuvring in Ice Ridge and Multi Ice Regimes
  2.  Sverre Wendt Slettebø, Control Strategies for Maneuvring in Ice Ridge and Multi Ice Regimes
  3. Marianne Kirkeby, Comparison of Controllers for DP and Tracking of ROV Minerva
  4. Morten Skogvold, Supervisory-switched Control for Dynamic Positioning Systems in Arctic Areas
  5. Carl Christoffer Lysdahl, Design of Dynamic Positioning System for ROV Minerva



  1. Steffen Kørte, Guidance & Control Strategies for UUVs
  2. Mauro Candeloro, Design of Observers for DP and Tracking of ROV “Minerva” with Experimental Results.
  3. Laura Standardi, Signal Processing and Change Detection Applied to ROV in a DP System
  4. Phat Truong, Navigation of ROVs and Basic Signal Processing
  5. Torgeir Solvin, Underactuated Dynamic Positioning with Model Test.
  6. David Swift, Comparison Study of Linear and Nonlinear Controllers and Observers for DP Systems
  7. Anna Ervik, Analysis and Monitoring of Drilling Risers on DP Vessels
  8. Pål Guttorm Syvertsen, Modeling and Control of Crane on Offshore Vessel



  1. Espen Tolpinrud. Implementation of computer based control system for ROV.
  2. Viktor Berg. Development and Commissioning of a DP system for ROV SF 30k.
  3. Morten Haugen. Modeling and Control of ROV Manipulator.
  4. Mats Nåvik Hval. Modelling and control of underwater inspection vehicle for aquaculture sites.
  5. Øyvind F. Auestad. Heave Control System for a Surface Effect Ship: Disturbance Damping of Wave Induced Motion at Zero Vessel Speed.



  1. Paal Øvrebø Lohne. Study of Critical Imaging Parameters and Variables for Environmental Monitoring Using an ROV with Experimental Results.
  2. Trygve Fossum. Analysis and control of drilling riser dynamics in dual gradient drilling.
  3. Ida Marlen Strand. Modeling of Hydroelastic Response of Closed Flexible Fish Cages due to Sea Loads.



  1. Astrid H. Brodtkorb. Hybrid DP System.
  2. Solveig Bjørneset. Modelling and Control of Thruster Assisted Position Mooring System for a Rig -Analysis and Model Testing
  3. Martin Lauritzsen. Design and Implementation of Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing of ROV Control Systems.
  4. Bjarte Hustveit. Comparison of model-based and sensor based observers for ROV DP control.
  5. Eirik Hexeberg Henriksen. ROV control system for positioning of subsea modules.
  6. Nathan Vandervaeren. Control of swarm of AUVs.
  7. Helle Olufsen. Thruster assisted position mooring.
  8. Hilde Hagen. Feasibility Study on Active Wave Compensation of ROV: Modelling, Analysis and Simulation
  9. Lars Lønne. Development of an Irradiance Sensor Based on a Photon Counting Camera
  10. Paolo Pencarelli. Aided navigation through visual tracking and photomosaic. UNIVPM - Universit`a Politecnica delle Marche, Italy and NTNU
  11. Francesco Celiberti. Vision-Aided Inertial Navigation For ROV Based On Homography Filtering And Estimation, UNIVPM - Universit`a Politecnica delle Marche, Italy and NTNU



  1. Joakim Kjølleberg. Weather Routing of Supply Vessels in the North Sea.
  2. Sigurd Andreas Holsen. DUNE: Unified Navigation Environment for the REMUS 100 AUV.
  3. Christian Møgster. Bayesian Estimation of Non-Stationary Ship Response Spectra.
  4. Eirik Schultz. Modelling and Control of a Two-Body Offshore Wave Energy Converter.
  5. Per Sondre Sodeland. Combined Dynamic Positioning and Optimal Wave Frequency Motion Damping of Surface Effect Ship.
  6. Simen Strømsøyen. Propulsion methods for under water snake robots.
  7. Emil Vestum. Wind Powered Marine Vehicle.
  8. Emil Smilden. Preventing tower resonance induced by thrust variations on a large 10MW wind turbine



  1. Henrik Schmidt-Didlaukies. Delay Compensation for Real-Time Hybrid Testing.
  2. Mari Gilje Galta. Thrust Losses on Underwater Snake Robots with Thrusters.



  1. Markus Fossdal. Online Consequence Analysis of Situational Awareness for Autonomous Vehicles.



  1. Birte Larsgård Steinsvik. Autonomous Docking of Surface Vessels to Harbour using Mode-Based Hybrid Control.
  2. Emilie M. H. Dahl. Identification of Marine Plastics using Hyperspectral Imaging & Raman Spectroscopy (joint work with A. Ø. R. Stien)
  3. Andreas Ø. R. Stien. Identification of Marine Plastics using Hyperspectral Imaging & Raman Spectroscopy (joint work with E. M. H. Dahl)
  4. Emilie Thunes. Online Risk Modeling for Autonomous Ships with Experimental Results
  5. Ina Bjørkum Arneson. Towards Autonomous Ships Sea State Estimation and Risk-Based Decision Making
  6. Marte Cecilie Fladmark Fylling. Development of fault detection methods for guidance and navigation of underwater vehicles
  7. Tobias Torben. Control allocation and observer design for autonomous ferries
  8. Jens Einar Bremnes. Towards robust autonomy of underwater vehicles in Arctic operations
  9. Carl Einar Bonnevie Rasmussen. Risk-Influenced Path Planning based on Online Risk Analysis, Bayesian Networks and the A* Path Planning Algorithm



  1. Kristoffer Rakstad Solberg. Manta v1: A Deliberative Agent Software Architecture for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

100.   Maiken Berthelsen. Current Estimation for Small Autonomous Passenger Ferry

101.   Karianne Skudal Tjøm. Guidance and Decision Making using Machine Learning for   Small Autonomous Ships

102.   Thomas Erling Lone. Navigation Techniques for Underwater Vehicles in Polar Regions


103.   Nora Solheim Stuedal. Methods for Mapping of Zooplankton using Optical Sensor Technology

104.   Roar Stavnes. Vision-Aided Inertial Navigation for Underwater Vehicles Using ArUco Markers


105.   Bendik Alexander Urne Jørgensen. Methods for Visual Inspection and Mapping of Subsea Structures and Rough and Steep Underwater Terrain Using Articulated Underwater Robots

106.   Torbjørn Reitan Fyrvik. Methods for Ocean Mapping with Combined ASV and AUV Platforms