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Annette Lykknes 

Annette Lykknes


Board member, Department of Chemistry, NTNU.

Secretary of the “history of chemistry group” of
The Norwegian Chemical Society

Member and Vice Chair of Working Party on the History of Chemistry,
European Association for Chemical and Molecular Sciences 

Member of Commission on the History of Women in Science, Technology, and Medicine of the International Union for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine – Division of History of Science and Technology


Short CV
Ph.D. in the history of chemistry (2005), Teacher Training Certificate (1999), M.Sc. (Cand.scient.) in chemistry education (1998), B.Sc. (Cand.mag.) in chemistry & mathematics (1997). Associate professor in science education, Sør-Trøndelag University College, Faculty for teacher and interpreter education (2005-2007); Teaching assistant and lecturer, Department of Chemistry, NTNU (2000-2004), Teacher in upper secondary schools (1998-2000). Maternity leave, May 2010 – March 2011.


Research projects

Ida Noddack-Tacke: Woman in chemistry and wife of a chemist (with Brigitte van Tiggelen, Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium) NEW COLLECTIVE VOLUME ON COLLABORATIVE COUPLES

100 years of chemistry training in Trondheim (with Joakim Ziegler Gusland), supported by Faculty for science and technology, Department of Chemistry, Department of Chemical engineering, Department of material science and engineering, Department of biotechnology, SINTEF Materials and chemistry, and chemical industry

A history of the development of column chromatography: From Tswett to HPLC (PhD student Apostolos Gerontas. Co-advisor: Klaus Hentschel, University of Stuttgart.)

Enhancing the quality and relevance of chemistry teacher training education in Ethiopia: A study of the use and impact of small-scale, low-cost experiments at Mekelle University (PhD student Gebrekidan Mebrahtu Tesfamariam. Co-advisor: Lise Kvittingen, Institutt for kjemi, NTNU.)


Other projects
Chemistry ”trail” for 12-year olds (2009, 2011), provided by Department of Chemistry, NTNU. Article in the science journal Kjemi.




Ph.D. programme in Science Education


Recent publications:

Annette Lykknes, Donald L. Opitz, and Brigitte Van Tiggelen (eds.), For Better or For Worse? Collaborative Couples in the Sciences (Birkhäuser Verlag, Science Networks. Historical Studies, Vol. 44, 2012)


Brigitte Van Tiggelen and Annette Lykknes, “Ida and Walter Noddack through Better and Worse: An Arbeitsgemeinschaft in Chemistry” in Annette Lykknes, Donald L. Opitz, and Brigitte Van Tiggelen (eds.), For Better or for Worse. Collaborative Couples in the Sciences (Birkhäuser Verlag, Science Networks. Historical Studies, Vol. 44, 2012), pp. 105-147.


Per-Odd Eggen, Lise Kvittingen, Annette Lykknes, and Roland Wittje, “Reconstructing Iconic Experiments in Electrochemistry: Experiences from a History of Science Course,” Science & Education 21(2) (2012), 179-189.



New activities and contributions:


Women in the Laboratory from the early modern times to the 20th century Symposium at the 5th International Conference of the European Society for the History of Science (ESHS) (organized by Annette Lykknes og Brigitte Van Tiggelen)


Annette Lykknes and Brigitte Van Tiggelen, “The Wife as Risk-Taker and Conceptual Thinker: Ida Noddack-Tacke and Nuclear Fission,” 5th International Conference of the European Society of the History of Science (ESHS), Athens, November 1-3, 2012


Brigitte Van Tiggelen and Annette Lykknes, ”Ida Noddack and the Fission Proposal: The Actor’s Perspective,” Seventh British-North American joint meeting of the BSHS, CSHPS, and HSS, Philadelphia, USA, July, 11-14, 2012.


Apostolos Gerontas and Annette Lykknes, “The first steps of the High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) instrumentation: Discussing the Role of the Press in the dissemination of analytical technology at the end of the 1960s and early 1970s,” 8th meeting of STEP (Science and Technology in the European Periphery), Corfu, June, 21- 24, 2012.


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