Marine cybernetic teaching laboratory

This learning resource provides hands-on experience of control development and verification.

Download the Handbook of Marine HIL simulation and Marine cybernetics laboratories.

Development step Digital resources
Control design and offline simulation Control plant parameters
Based on a simplified mathematical model, the control system is derived.
Correctness of the algorithms and performance of the ideal closed-loop system are verified through simulation.
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Hardware-in-the-loop testing HIL models
The controller is deployed on to the embedded controller, which again is connected to a high fidelity, real-time simulator.1 Online interaction with the simulation is done through the same user interfaces as intended for the final system.

1 Specifically for this laboratory, the high fidelity simulator runs on the embedded controller, in parallel with the control algorithm, and connection is internal.

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Model scale testing Control system project
The embedded controller is connected to an experimental platform. Input and output signals are connected to physical actuators and sensors.
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TMR4243 Marine control systems 2 cases

  1. Pendulum
  2. Internal dynamics
  3. Parameter estimation
  4. Maneuvering