Climbing, sightseeing and hiking in Italy (Arco, Verona, Val di Fassa, Milano), 2-16 July 2009

You may see ALL the pictures at once if you have a fast internet connection.

Day 1: Travel to Milano, 2 July 2009
[no pictures]

Day 2: Travel to Arco, and climbing in Massi di Prabi, 3 July 2009
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Massi di Prabi (Arco):
Donaldo (5a, 10m)
Tienila (5c, 15m)
E pur si muove (5c, 20m)
Anna e... (6a, 20m)
Day 3: Massone and Massi di Prabi (Arco), 4 July 2009
[no pictures]

Massone (Arco):
Zic (5a, 20m) very polished, not recommended
Tac (5a, 20m) very polished, not recommended

Massi di Prabi (Arco):
Ciciuz (6a, 20m)
Betazza (6a+, 20m)
Pictures from day 4: La Gola (Sarche), 5 July 2009

La Gola (Sarche):
Gamba di legno (6a, 25m)
Rhapsody in blue (5c, 25m)
? (5c, 25m) new route left of Basloc
Basloc (5c, 30m)
Day 5: Running trip in Arco and climbing in San Paolo, 6 July 2009
[no pictures]

Pictures from day 6: Sightseeing in Verona, 7 July 2009

Day 7: Climbing in Promeghin (Sarche), 8 July 2009
[no pictures]

Promeghin (Sarche):
Fessura del Razzetazzo (6a, 20m)
Day 8: Climbing in Val Lomasone, 9 July 2009
[no pictures]

Val Lomasone:
Ciclamino (5c, 20m)
Santa Lucia (5c, 30m)
Day 9: Climbing in La Gola (Sarche) and travel to Val di Fassa (Dolomites), 10 July 2009
[no pictures]

La Gola (Sarche):
Arutti tutti (6a, 25m)
Pictures from day 10: Hiking trip to Piz Boé (3152m), 11 July 2009

Pictures from day 11: Hiking trip in Val San Nicoló, 12 July 2009

Day 12: Travel to Arco, 13 July 2009
[no pictures]

Day 13: Travel and sightseeing in Verona, 14 July 2009
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Day 14: Travel and sightseeing in Milano, 15 July 2009
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Day 15: Travel home to Norway, 16 July 2009
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