Panorama view from Torino (48.9 megapixels!), made outside the alpine club/alpine museum, 1. februar 2006

If you look at a bigger version (in the bottom; the 6 megapixels version should be big enough to see all this), you might be interested in knowing what to see:
Far left; to the left of the trees, you can see Monte Viso (3841m) in the direction of Nice/Nizza in France. On the left side of the middle you can see Valle di Susa, which goes up to the olympic sites Bardonecchia and Sauce d'Oulx, and Valle di Lanzo (with Torino's airport "Caselle") a bit more to the right.
Left of the Mole Antonelliana (the high tower) you may see the Parco Nazionale del Gran Paradisio (the top is 4061m, this is probably the one that looks highest on the picture). Behind this lies Monte Bianco/Mont Blanc (4810m) and the big massif of high peaks between Chamonix and Cormayeur, but probably you will not see this because it is covered by Gran Paradisio. To the right of Mole Antonelliana you can see Valle d'Aosta, and Monte Cervino/Matterhorn (4478m) is one of the two sharp peaks on the left and on the right side of the Mole. I am not sure which one of these, and the other one might be either Grand Combin (4314m) west of Matterhorn or Breithorn (4165m) or Lyskamm (4527m) east of Matterhorn. We should know this, but the two peaks look almost the same and Matterhorn could be any of them.
From Matterhorn and to the right lies the mountain region of Monte Rosa on the border to Switzerland, with the highest point at Punta Dufour/Dufourspitze (4637m) and several other peaks over 4000m.
As you all can see, the city is still under construction. This is normal; it's not only because of the olympics. They are building a Metro, some new train lines, making parking places under the biggest squares and building a bigger Politecnico (it's growing to twice the size). By the way, Milano is probably outside the picture on the right side, but anyway the fog covers that city (it's usually raining there also; poor people).

If you want to know more about the mountains around Torino, you should go there yourself and have a look.

If I can afford to print this picture with normal quality (150dpi), it will be around 465 x 30 cm.
The picture is originally 20 pictures in the size 3008x2000 pixels, stitched together with Autostitch.

NB! Take note that I of course have the copyright of this picture - so make your own instead of stealing this!

Here is the picture in several bigger versions:
48.9 megapixels (27948 x 1750) - 48.1MB (!)
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